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12th Aug 2012 - Straight Hunk Doug fucks his First Guy & Justin gets it Good & Rough from Doug's Massive Uncut Tool! - Justin Harris, Doug Mitchell

This is a surprise, Doug agreed to do something he many times told me he wouldn’t and in the end he admitted putting his cock in a guys ass wasn’t that bad; though he also admitted his girlfriend won’t let him put it in her ass so he doesn’t have a good comparison! Justin as ever gives Doug an experience of a lifetime blowing expertly and getting Doug real aroused as Justin slips on a condom and jumps aboard! Justin is obviously feeling greedy today as he sits down fully on Doug real quick, hardly able to breath he pauses for a couple of seconds and then rides it like a gay man who hasn’t had a fuck in a year! Doug then takes charge and gives Justin it while he stands up quickening t he pace and going in real deep. After lots of fucking the guys end up on the floor; Justin riding fast and long is soon blowing an impressive load over himself which ends up dripping all over Doug’s balls! He pulls out and Justin does a great job of finishing off Doug, getting all Doug’s cum on his face, neck and chest; wow Doug you sure have been saving up looking at how covered Justin is!

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Photographs from the shoot

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