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Rugby Hunk & Personal Trainer Callum Stuart - Favourite Straight Blond Returns!

Wed 22nd Aug 2012
A long time favourite Callum is back for a wank in the sunshine and heat from the late summer we are currently experiencing! We havenít seen him for a while and we have teased him back as part of a new adventure. It was a hot day when we filmed Callum did a great job at teasing in his boxers for a while, though his cock never seemed to be soft judging by the bugle that stick out of those bright green boxers from the second his jeans came down! Callum is a horny young Personal Trainer who wanks off many times a day; loves being naked outdoors and the wind round his balls and that very hairy hole! Today he lies back over a large plant pot, every muscle looks hyper pumped and tense and his uncut cock shoots out a nice load; one frustrated straight guy about to start a new journey!

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