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Rich fucks his 1st Guy & Chris Slams in for an Encore & Dan can Hardly Breath!

Wed 17th Oct 2012
Straight lads Chris & Rich are up for some fun today; they have one naughty guy Dan to play with and after a few minutes starting this shoot you donít really know who is playing with who and who is pushing their boundaries the most! Chris is busy kissing and sucking cock, Rich isnít sure what to do so he grabs a cock and wanks it; before you know it he is sticking his cock up Danís ass. Dan, now hardly able to breath gets use to Richís long and thick meat being pumped; Rich passing the baton and Chris is soon fucking Dan fast and hard. One great three-sum, Rich blows first a pretty big load over Danís face, Chris next with an enormous and impressive load over Danís face, chest and everywhere; Dan turned on with all this straight boy cum blows his own load and the lads then both shove their cocks into Danís mouth! How lucky are you!

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Photographs from the shoot