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31st Oct 2012 - Personal Training Pro Anton Unloads like a Firemans Hose! - Anton Michel

Anton did a shoot for our sister website and seemed really confident, though wasn’t sure about going as far as a “happy ending!” So he builds himself up to it, has one of those nicely balanced bodies, nice definition, nice muscle size and a nice piece of uncut equipment that looks great sticking up at the skies. His body is pretty hair free, has a nice bush and slight fizz around his hole; Anton teases himself wanking fast then stopping so he gets right on the edge many times. The result is a perfect one; cum flying through the air and landing all over the place, this is one messy pup who certainly knows how to deliver a “happy ending!”

Tags: wanking, uncut cock, toned body, smooth body, showering, muscular body

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Photographs from the shoot

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