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4th Nov 2012 - Cockey Cockney Paddy Kisses and Fucks Str8 Footie Ace Jay Hall! - Jay Hall, Paddy O'Brian

Two cocky straight lads have taken different paths to what happens today; Jay started off five years ago, where he was out his comfort zone doing arty nude shots! Today he meets our other devious str8 hunk, Paddy our cocky cockney who starts off by surprising Jay with his first man kiss; Jay doesn’t back away instead he goes in and the lads enjoy some tongue action! Two horny straight lads having foreplay, before long Paddy shoves a dildo up Jay, pumps it a little and swaps it for his cock! Paddy is thick, just look at Jay’s face as he tries to suck up Paddy’s thickness. A few minutes later Jay is expanded and loving Paddy’s big cock up his hole and slightly weak kneed he lets Paddy fuck him aggressively from below! One hell of a hole workout, Jay gets a right good pounding and he ends up squirting a nice load with Paddy up his hole; Paddy pulls out and dumps his load on Jay’s leg!

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