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28th Nov 2012 - Straight Young Personal Trainer Stewart - Manhandled, Sucked Rimmed & Fucked all for the First Time by a Man! - Justin Harris, Stewart Hammond

The first time I photographed Stewart he did an excellent solo shoot and hinted he would be happy to do a massage shoot! So here is what we planned as his massage; he starts off stripping a few cloths and before long I can see his uncut cock pushing out of his boxers and his cheeky smile saying “sorry cant help my erection” which is pushing out his boxers. So the massage begins straight on his cock, which gets a gentle fondle followed by a gentle kiss and suck! Wow, Stewart is one horny straight lad, before long he is on his back legs in the air and his ass is being rimmed; it just gets hornier as the tongue rimming him is replaced by a cock that pushed into his ass and fucks him in a bunch of positions! A great surprise, leads to a Stewart dumping his cum while being fucked and believe it or not, his fucker was supposed to be the one getting fucked! Don’t you love surprises of a role reversal!

Tags: uncut cock, toned body, tattoos, str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy getting fucked, rimming, gay sex

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