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26th Dec 2012 - Straight Cheeky Lad Chris Fucks for England Stuffing Newbie Josh! - Chris Little, Josh Perry

When you bring a very horny straight young man and mix him with a gay lad gagging to have sex with a straight guy you are guaranteed some hot action! Luckily naughty straight Chris is such a bundle of hormones he unleashes himself on Josh who hardly has time to breath before he is the one being felt up and kissed! He managed to partially take back control by dropping to his knees and showing Chris he is a first class cock sucker! Before long though Chris pushes him back on the bed and they are in a 69, Josh not being able to resist rimming Chris, who turns out to have a very ticklish hole! Josh is soon on his back getting fucked like a good un, Chris certainly knows how to make a gay guy whimper and before long Josh is squirting out loads and loads of cum; though not wanting to be outdone Chris manages to fire off his hose with endless squirts all over Josh’s face! Yum, now there is a hot shoot.

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Photographs from the shoot