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9th Jan 2013 - New Lad Jacob Fucks Dan & Shoots Like an Over Excited Fireman! - Dan Broughton, Jacob Leahy

New lad Jacob is a little nervous at the beginning of the shoot so Dan strips him down to nothing and things change! He is a horny little fucker just needed a kiss and a hand in the right place! All of a sudden he is loving being the only naked one and judging by his very stiff erection he is ready for action! There is lots of sensual kissing and sucking and Jacob dives into Dan’s ass with his tongue like a boy deprived, his tongue looking like an electric eel! After making Dan whimper with his tongue action he is soon stuffing his cock into Dan’s hole, forgetting to ease it in, his cock slams into Dan who now cant breath! He fucks real well and the two lads have a great fuck in some horny position, Dan is soon dumping his load, Jacob pulls out and shoots an absolutely massive load, did he train with the fire service?!

Tags: wanking, uncut cock, twink, kissing, gay sex, fucking

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Photographs from the shoot

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