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Straight Young Personal Trainer Jaden - Every Muscle is Toned & Very Hard!

Wed 20th Feb 2013
Jaden is best mates with Ben one of our other models and the two lads are like two peas in a pod; they both canít believe they are taking off their kit and getting hard and wanking off on camera, but it is strangely enjoyable! Jaden is tall and dark, has an incredible toned body with a little bit of hair here and there and this personal trainer drops his pants, touches his cock and then you realise how fit he is; his cock rises up in seconds and his uncut meat is soon pointing up and bouncing to the beat of his heart! Donít you love ultra fit young men, cocks pop up in seconds and they spend the hole shoot teasing you, Jaden doing a great job at showing his hairy hole, can you view a peachy bum more beautifully? After such a hole show much enjoyable wanking he lies back and look at that cum; you cant say that isnít a generous and big load dumped from his cute little balls!

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Tags: Wanking, uncut cock, Toned Body, str8 lad solo

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