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Young Straight Pup Adrian Well Turned on & Unloads One of the Largest Cum Shots I Have Seen!

Wed 10th Apr 2013
Adrian is a young man on a mission; he has been to all the right schools and now just over 18 likes the idea that he is doing something that he shouldn’t do and hold that thought in your mind for a minute. He strips off a few clothes and down to his boxers I am suspecting the whole idea he is doing something he shouldn’t is really turning him on! The bulge in his boxers, it’s not suggesting a semi, this lad is rock hard and he just can’t resist holding it through his pants! Adrian has one massive erection that is soon spring out his boxers and he just smiles and presents himself for inspection. A horny young boy who just is so turned on by doing something he shouldn’t and looking at how it all ends, I have never seen an eruption like this for years. Adrian squirts and squirts and squirts! One naughty young straight man having a lot of fun!

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