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Tall Athletic Straight Pup Jaden Gives In & Agrees to his 1st Manhandling!

Wed 29th May 2013
Tall, lean and defined straight young man Jaden agrees to let a lad massage his body and today he lies back and enjoys a relaxing massage from Dan. As Dan brushes Jadenís cock and then gives that muscle and massage Jaden starts to grow and before you know his uncut cock is a throbbing erection. Once relaxed he just lies back and enjoys not doing much; his cock is rock hard, getting wanked and he even allows Dan to pulls his cheeks apart and expose his hairy hole! Jaden is relaxed enough now to just lie back and enjoy being man-handled and he tenses his legs wanks some more and shoots a nice load courtesy of Danís handy wanking!

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Tags: Wanking, str8 guy getting massaged, foreskin play, foot close-up / massage, cheeks spread

Photographs from the shoot