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5th Jun 2013 - Young Athlete Archie - Just How Hard Can an Erection get Before Exploding?! - Archie Preston

In the nine months since we last saw Archie he has changed a lot, he was barely eighteen back then and today his body has changed, just subtle things like he has a little more muscle and he has more hair and he is just that little bit more mischievous! This is a young man who is enjoying showing off his body, nice and lean with strong muscles and a shoot with a difference; he stays clothed for a while, just pulling down those trousers enough to allow his cock to spring out and spring out it does! Archie has one impressive hard erection that stands tall and slaps against his abs, a rocket cock to be proud of.

Tags: wanking, uncut cock, toned body, tease, str8 lad solo, defined body

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