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16th Jun 2013 - Straight Young Pup Luke Fucks His First Guy - Straight Chris Gets It! - Chris Little, Luke Murphy

Young straight lad Luke did quite a lot in his first shoot and today paired with naughty Chris there is hardly a stone left unturned! Luke is well into some kissing before the two lad settle back and wank each other off. A little more foreplay and Chris gives Luke a great blow job, before he lifts a leg and Luke slides his rock hard uncut erection straight into Chrisí hole! Looking at Chrisís face he is loving a big cock up his hole and the lads try out some great positions; lots of fucking, lots of kissing and look at Chrisís orgasm; he squirts and squirts loads of cum all over the place and he doesnít stop! Luke canít believe the mess, he kneels over Chris and dumps his load on Chrisís leg!

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Photographs from the shoot