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11th Aug 2013 - Muscular Straight Marine Tyler Passionately Kisses Chris then Fucks Him Hard! - Chris Little, Tyler Hirst

This is a really fun shoot - Chris and Tyler are relaxed with each other, and within seconds Chris is joking around grabbing Tyler's crotch. Then he pulls Tyler to him and they start some pretty passionate kissing. These guys aren't holding back tonguing each other. Chris opens up Tyler's shirt to show off his impressive chest and plays with his nipples. Chris's trousers are the first to get thrown off, and Tyler rubs Chris's hard-on through his white boxers. Chris's solid cock gets pulled out, immediately followed by Tylers, and he can't help but go down on Chris immediately. They both strip off completely, and stand opposite each other, rock solid, and look each other in the eye as they sword fight with their cocks. Some more wanking and playing with balls, then they move over to the bed and its Chris's turn to go down on Tyler before Chris climbs on top and they 69 each other. Now things get really horny, as they show us their tight holes, then Tyler bends Chris over a pillow and fucks him really hard. Chris takes it well, and kneels up to snog Tyler some more while he is inside him. Tyler flips Chris over and forces his legs back to push deep inside him before Tyler lays back on the bed and Chris lowers himself down from above, riding Tyler's cock. Some more kissing, and Chris's cock explodes, shooting a truly massive load over his abs and chest. Tyler pulls out and shoots over himself too, before a final kiss for the camera.. a horny shoot, guys.

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