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14th Aug 2013 - Straight Young Muscular Lad Tom Strips, Wanks & Explodes over his Very Hairy Chest! - Tom Hardy

Tom is a tall and very muscular young man who is training hard for a body building competition later this year. He is looking nicely bulked ready for his leaning down and you can’t help but notice his young face a top a body that makes you think he would be mid twenties! He is slightly shy to begin, though a few complements soon have him way more comfortable and the less he has on the more comfortable he becomes! His uncut cock comes up nice and hard and he loves playing with it and watch what happens after all his attention; his cock not just squirts but unloads like a fireman’s hose! Another straight lad discovering showing off on camera has its rewards!

Tags: wanking, outdoor, muscular body, hairy legs, hairy body

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