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20th Oct 2013 - Muscular Straight Lads Playing - Cameron gets his First Man Blow & Plays with Jack's! - Cameron Donald, Jack Windsor

Cameron is back for a new adventure with Jack; the lads are very relaxed and Jack soon takes control and works out what look to be some magic hands. Jack has some massage experience and is soon making Cameron whimper with pleasure as Cameronís stiff body is released. Though its Cameronís stiff uncut muscles that is getting the most attention and Cameron is enjoying every minute. Just when he thought it couldnít get better, Jack is the first guy to suck Cameronís cock who lies back and laps up all the attention. The guys switch and before you know it Cameron is manhandling his first guy and is looking good with another guys cock in his hand! Lots of new things for Cameron and hopefully he will continue his journey.

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Photographs from the shoot