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9th Mar 2016 - Straight Pup Ryan is Sucked by a Guy for the 1st Time & Sucks his 1st! - Ricky Hampton, Ryan Ledson

Straight Pup Ryan is Sucked by a Guy for the 1st Time & Sucks his 1st!
Today we see Ryan is in the safe hands of Ricky, though its not Ricky’s hands that trouble Ryan. He is worried about having his cock sucked by a guy and not surprising this straight young man is not long 18 and he hasn’t been looking for a guy to suck his cock. Though he does end up admitting it wasn’t that bad and he was able to enjoy it, a little bit! Ricky not content with doing all the sucking manages to convince Ryan to try a quick bit of sucking on Ricky’s big cock and he does it really well. The lads wank and suck each other and all this foreplay seems to turn them on, a lot, since Ricky cums and gushes it high and far and then about 2 minutes later he cums again and then Ryan shoot his loads also far and long. Wow, straight lads sucking cock, does seem to make them jizz big!

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Photographs from the shoot

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