Rob's first time
Rob's first time
Rob's first time
40 Mins

24th Jun 2005 - Rob's first time - Rob Hamilton

Rob arrives at the shoot in a suit and has come straight from a job interview! He is blond, smooth, slim with good definition and a lad who loves to play and show off with his cock. He takes down his trousers and gets his pants pulled down and his cock oiled. Within seconds its rock hard and he never looks back! He wanks off in his favourite positions and does a 15 minute solo section while i was out of the room! He cums in his personal 15 minutes section, not that I knew at the time and when I came back in the room he was wanking again! This carried on and after 15 minutes more wanking he shot his second load!

Tags: super cum shooter, self filming, oiled up, indoor, cheeks spread

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