Cute boy Spencer showers
Cute boy Spencer showers
Cute boy Spencer showers
36 Mins

24th Mar 2006 - Cute boy Spencer showers - Spencer Philips

Spencer is back for his second video, this time in a hotel room. He strips down to his boxers and slips into his favourite shorts before its all off and he is in the shower. The rest of the shoots Spencer wanks off under the steaming hot water. He starts off standing and discovers he likes watching himself wank in the massive mirror. Before long he is bent over and soaps up his finger and shoves it up his crack… a few minutes later and the shampoo bottle is up there! Luckily its just a small bottle. After lying down and wanking in the bath he has got so aroused he shoots a massive load of cum down the mirror. A great fountain of cum.

Tags: super cum shooter, sports kit, showering, indoor, in water, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeks spread

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