Craig & Matt's 1 footer!
Craig & Matt's 1 footer!
Craig & Matt's 1 footer!
28 Mins

9th Mar 2007 - Craig & Matt's 1 footer! - Matt Hughes, Craig Webb

This is one of those shoots, Matt our str8 12 inch boy wonder strips and grabs hold of Craig’s cock and its all experimenting from there! Without any prompting he drops down and blows Craig who says he is a great cock sucker! Look at what happens to Matt, his cock grows to full size and that is rare when you have such a large one. The two lads suck each other for ages and move into a 69 and Matt gets his ass rimmed! Some great action and Craig is so excited he blows a load of cum streaming all over his abs and shoulder, quickly followed by Matt who blows an equally big load, both lads trying something new!

Tags: str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, sixty-nine, showering, oiled up, indoor, cheeky banter

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