str8 lad Matt fucks  Martin
str8 lad Matt fucks  Martin
str8 lad Matt fucks  Martin
27 Mins

6th Apr 2007 - str8 lad Matt fucks Martin - Matt Mills, Martin Knight

This shoot is best described as “str8 lads pushing boundaries” where both of them wouldn’t mess with lads outside or doing porn but have become open to messing when being paid, the old expression “gay for pay” springs to mind! Martin will go a little further and so gives Matt a real good blow job and after the lads do a load of wanking Martin loosens himself up with the little butt plug. Matt is soon sticking his big uncut cock up Martin’s ass, though after a couple of minutes Martin is pretty stretched and cant take any more! Both lads then kneeling shoot a nice load of cum all over the bed!

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