Str8 lads Big Matt & James
Str8 lads Big Matt & James
Str8 lads Big Matt & James
26 Mins

3rd Aug 2007 - Str8 lads Big Matt & James - James Nichols, Matt Hughes

It’s always interesting to have two str8 lads together, as it can either be a “stand-off” or a “free for all!” There is a little teasing as both lads take turns with the ropes and some knots but its not long before Matt is on his knees pulling down James’ pants and gorging himself on James rather solid erection! Matt is enjoying tasting cock and seems to be great at deep throating and when he comes up for air the two lads wank each other off. Matt then jumps on James’ cock and its not long before both lads are shooting cum. Now one like dildos and one has a big cock where next!

Tags: str8 lad duo, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, indoor, cheeky banter, cheeks spread, 2 in 1 hand

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