1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum!
1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum!
1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum!
27 Mins

2nd Nov 2007 - 1 str8 + 2 Gay lads = loads of cum! - Alex Leigh, Matt Brooks, Anthony Clarke

Its three lads today, Alex, Anthony and Matt get together and when one of them is str8 its sure to be interesting! Anthony and Matt strip str8 lad Alex and its just seconds before their hands are in his pants and they are down and they are sucking some str8 boy cock! Youd think it was the last cock they were ever allowed too suck the way they go at in and its soon a suck fest with hard wet uncut cock all over the place! Matt starts eyeing up Anthony’s ass, pulls on a condom and rams his cock in and out and then pounds Anthony who is gorging himself on Alex’s cock! A few positions later and Anthony is spewing cum on his abs, Matt then pulls out and near drowns Anthony, who then sits up to get a face load of Alex’s cum!

Tags: str8 guy getting sucked, str8 guy getting massaged, oiled up, kissing, indoor, gay sex, cheeky banter

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