Robin Brothers wanking
Robin Brothers wanking
Robin Brothers wanking
23 Mins

20th Jan 2008 - Robin Brothers wanking - Tigger Robin, Chris Robin

Brothers Tigger and Chris are a little nervous about wanking next to each other and it begins with a couple of minutes of teasing, stripping and comparisons! The lads’ once naked look really similar, Chris is slightly taller and both are slim and nicely defined. A little playing and you can see Chris also has the longest cock, though Tigger’s is thicker and there are a few sly glances as the lads check out each other! They both love porn, have g/f’s and loads of sex with others so its just wanking next to each other that’s the catch! Both lads shoot a nice load all over their bodies and the offer of a bonus fee for eating cum sees them both gobble up their spunk!

Tags: str8 lad duo, indoor, cheeky banter, cheeks spread, brothers

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