Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark
Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark
Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark
23 Mins

22nd Feb 2008 - Matt's 1 ft slams into Mark - Matt Hughes, Mark Summers

Mark is an “old porn pro” though even he is amazed and excited when he sees Matt’s 12 incher. He is quick to gobble down on the beast and is one of the best at sucking it so deep. Matt is nearly fully hard and yet Mark can get a long way down this pole! Big boy Matt is soon stuffing down Mark’s cock and shows his own oral skills…Mark then goes to work on eating out Matt, sending ripples of pleasure through his body. Matt then slams his cock into Mark tight hole and pounds away… and pounds away, Mark loving every second, cums and then gets Matt’s huge load all over him!

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