Big Matt fucks 2 asses
Big Matt fucks 2 asses
Big Matt fucks 2 asses
23 Mins

11th May 2008 - Big Matt fucks 2 asses - Matt Hughes, Kai Ford, Anthony Clarke

The three lads are high spirited today, Kai sets the tone by pulling of Matt’s belt, turning him round and lashing his and Anthony’s ass! No teasing in this shoot, cocks are soon in mouth and Anthony is trying his best to gobble as much of Matt’s 1 footer as possible! Kai then fucks Anthony and they flip flop then Kai gets Matt’s 1 footer in his ass. The fucking is real intense and Anthony cums on his back and gets the others two lads cum in his face, he is almost drowned!

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 guy sucking, str8 guy getting sucked, spanking, indoor, gay sex, cock sucking, cheeky banter

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