Tony fucks Justin
Tony fucks Justin
Tony fucks Justin
26 Mins

10th Oct 2008 - Tony fucks Justin - Tony Parker, Justin Harris

Tony and Justin are splashing around in the hotub and its not just the water that is hot, the lads are keen to feel and then taste each others cock! Tony has a real hard on, its just throbbing as Justin licks and gorges on Tony’s very hard meat. No point wasting a good erection, so Justin eases himself down onto Tony as the lads fuck in a real intense session. Justin shows his athleticism riding cowgirl while hugging a tree. The hormones are ragging as these lads fuck and kiss and fuck and kiss there way through to a big explosion, Justin shooting while riding and Tony pulling out to spew all over Justin. Wow!

Tags: rimming, outdoor, kissing, in water, gay sex, finger fun, dildo fun, cock sucking, action in underwear

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