Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass!
Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass!
Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass!
24 Mins

29th Apr 2011 - Straight Mates Andy & Bailey Pumping some Ass! - Andy Lee, Bailey Morgan

Today we welcome back best mates Andy and Bailey, who push the limits of their comfort zone to a new level! Last time we saw Andy, he timidly had some toy experimentation up his arse, but this is Bailey's first time having anything up his tight hole and he pushes his boundaries way more than Andy! The pair are their usual chatty fun selves and entertain us with some of their recent skydiving exploits, where apparently Andy obtained an arse injury after landing on something stiff! The guys are quick to get down to their boxers and start having a little play before whipping them off, Bailey as ever, had a rock hard cock in a matter of seconds. On discovering the dildo's left under their pillow they soon begin oiling up their holes. This is a huge step for Bailey, who takes the now very infamous purple dildo and slides it up his very tight hole, down a little and up a little! Andy opts for the red butt plug which he tentatively plays with until he shoots an amazing amount of cum all over himself and Bailey is quick to follow!

Tags: super cum shooter, str8 lad duo, muscle comparing, indoor, hairy legs, hairy body, finger fun, dildo fun, cheeky banter, cheeks spread

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Video stills from the shoot

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