25 Mins

19th Oct 2012 - Hung Straight Mitchell Brothers Doug & Carl Both Suck Dan & Carl Fucks him! - Dan Broughton, Doug Mitchell, Carl Mitchell

A warm summer day and the Mitchell Brothers are on top form; Dan for once is hardly in need of deviance as its big brother Carl who jumps in with both feet first letting Dan be the first guy to suck his cock and before you know it youngster Doug is also having his cock sucked. Dan cant believe what is happening especially when Carl wanking Dan and then goes down on him! Carl, you devious lad and it only gets better when Doug does the same and also sucks Dan! Now if that wasn’t enough Carl then fucks Dan while Doug gets sucked, he blows first a big load, Dan next and finally Carl finishes his naughtiness with his own large load!

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Video stills from the shoot

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