31 Mins

21st Jun 2013 - Muscular Straight Rugby Star Kian Shows off his Rock Hard Uncut Weapon - Kian Wellings

Kian is a very muscular and strong Welsh rugby player and personal trainer and it seems like every bit of his body is worked out. One of these confident straight young men who is more comfortable the less they have on and he does a great job at showing off his body semi clothed and is even more confident when naked and sporting a semi! You don’t get to see much “soft Kian” his uncut cock spends nearly every second rock hard and he hasn’t even touched it much! Enjoy this young man showing his body as if we are in his bedroom at home and he ends it pumping his uncut cock very hard and unloads a nice big mess on his abs!

Tags: str8 lad solo, showering, indoor

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Video stills from the shoot

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