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18th Apr 2015 - Bonus Video of Josh's Photo Shoot - Tall Straight Lad Fucks His 1st Guy! - Josh Hathaway, Dan Broughton

Josh is a handsome straight lad, he's tall, and as you'd expect from a tall guy he's definitely bigger than average in his pants! Dan pays him some attention today, and he really seems to go to town on Josh - stripping him off, getting him rock hard by sucking him, even rubbing their cocks together. Then, Dan jumps on to Josh and slides on to his hard cock, taking it deep inside him, Josh really fucks him hard, Dan clearly loving the feel of it in him. Dan gets fucked from below, from behind, and then shoots a big load over his leg while Josh is still inside him. Dan strokes Josh's tightening balls while he wanks himself to shooting a load too.. a really hot shoot.

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