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21st Aug 2015 - Straight Lean Footballer Liam Slams into Cheeky Ricky and Both Explode! - Ricky Hampton, Liam Burlington

Liam is a handsome straight lad who is tall and lean, with a handfull of tattoos. He has a cheeky personality and so to pair him with someone we chose someone equally if not more cheeky - Ricky! Ricky has a great build, again a few tattoos and a handsome look, and today his hair is slightly longer and floppier - he's looking good. The guys play with each other, and get each other hard. Neither are shy in going down on each other, but before long Ricky bends over, and Liam wastes no time in pushing his long cock into Ricky - going deep. Clearly a bit of a challenge for Ricky, but who doesn't like challenges! Liam does Ricky good and hard, making him feel every inch, and while Ricky is on top of Liam he shoots his load - showering them both in his cum. Ricky helps Liam cum too before both collapse with exhaustion!!

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