29 Mins

6th Nov 2016 - Tall and Ultra Lean Young Bodybuilder James - Hairless, Uncut Ultra Hard & Cums Huge! - James Craig

James is a personal trainer, quite relaxed on camera, slightly awkward at the beginning but as his clothes come off he is another of these lads that fully relaxes once his cock is in his hand! He has one o f these uncut cocks that gets real hard and points up like a rocket, he is almost hair free and when he lies back you can see his hole in all its hairless glory! He loves wanking his uncut cock and after all the teasing he lies back and shoots; not ordinary orgasm, James shoots a couple of load over his abs and continues shooting further, he covers himself in cum, this lads know how to orgasm!

Tags: wanking, uncut cock, toned body, str8 lad solo, smooth body, muscular body, indoor, defined body

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