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3rd Jun 2017 - Bonus Video of Tommy's Photo Shoot - Tommy Shoots Over His Face! - Tommy Tee

You occasionally meet straight young men who you can’t quite categorise and Tommy is certainly one of these. A young man with a hard labouring job that has made his body firm and scarred by his work and yet he drops his clothes and his body looks great and his uncut cock rises up and stands proud. He doesn’t quite know how to react to an uncut cock that rises up and cant be controlled! Luckily he is more than engaging enough to just come along for the journey and show off his hair free body and almost hair free hole. He has a lovely uncut cock that stays rock hard and when he fires it he loses control of his weapon! Rarely do I see models shoot like this, its hit his chin, cum hits his forehead, this was one turned on straight lad!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, uncut cock, str8 lad solo, smooth body, muscular body, indoor, defined body, cheeks spread

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