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1st Jul 2017 - Bonus Video of Ricky and Sam's Photo Shoot - Wanking and Sucking for 1st Time! - Ricky Hampton, Sam Hansworth

Ricky and Sam have both done a solo and had their cocks sucked; so today they test their cock sucking talents on each other and it looks like they are both pretty good at it! Before they suck each other they have a lot of fun stripping each other and wanking each others’ cocks, both are pretty hung, thick and long so when they suck each other they have a tough time to get their mouths round each others fat meaty uncut cock! After tossing each other off Sam is first to blow and does he blow! He squirts loads of cum high over himself and the bed! After his impressive cum shot he wanks off Ricky who also does a great job at squirting a big load! I think both of them didn’t mind the other mouth and wanking!

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