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24th Aug 2017 - Bonus Video of Tyler and Logan's Photo Shoot - Tyler Fucks Logan Hard! - Tyler Hirst, Logan Hardy

Since Logan did such a great job at getting fucked last time we paired him up with former Royal Marine Tyler to experience how commandos do things! They are straight at it, Logan goes in for a kiss and the passion is obvious and what else do you do following a kiss; suck cock of course and Logan is on his knees, pulling down Tyler boxers and practicing his cock sucking technique and judging how hard he gets Tyler, his cock sucking is pretty dam good! Tyler returns the favour before bending Logan over in doggie and teaching him how marines lube ass; with a dildo pumped at speed! Tyler pulls that out and slides in his own uncut rocket cock; Logan seeming to enjoy rock hard marine up his hole and can’t get enough of it riding eagerly, before dumping an impressive load, with many a big squirt flying! Tyler pulls out and seconds later is unloading on his leg! Well done lads!

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