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23rd Sep 2017 - Bonus Video of Josh and Jack's Photo Shoot - Bad Straight Lad gets Fucked for the 1st Time! - Jack Windsor, Josh Hesketh

Josh has jumped in at the deep end today and he does a great job at sitting on his first cock! There is a teasy beginning where the lads strip down, have a cock fight and before you know it they are wanking each other. Jack does a great job at showing off Josh’s hole and fingers it a little before shoving up a dildo. Josh seems to be getting slowly broken in as Jack swaps the small dildo for the medium and then the extra large one! Josh is soon sitting down on a real cock and after a while he is taking every inch of Jack’s very large uncut throbbing erection and he rides it like a pro. Though judging by his face it’s a bit of a tight squeeze! Lots of fucking later and Josh is unloading, Jack pulls out and dumps a pretty massive load. Well done Josh, you look great sat astride Jack’s cock!

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