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19th Oct 2017 - Bonus Video of James Wellbeck's Photo Shoot - Straight Footballer Pumps His Hole and Explodes Cum! - James Welbeck

This was one of those warm summer days about a month ago where it was almost too hot to be wearing clothes and James is quite happy to take his off and when down to his boxers you can see something pretty intriguing is very visible. James has one of those ripped bodies from working hard at the gym and playing a lot of football. When his boxers drop you can enjoy his oversized uncut cock, its fantastically long when soft and as soon as he plays up come his erection and it’s an even more impressive size! He plays with his cock for a bit and while showing off his hair free hole he pulls out a dildo and pushes in! James gives his virgin hole a good workout and after all that teasing he is soon gushing loads of cum over his abs and chest! Love a straight lad pumping his hole for the first time and exploding!

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