32 Mins

21st Dec 2017 - Bonus Video of Tomas Farago's and Chris Little's Photo Shoot - Chris's Hole gets Fucked Hard! - Chris Little, Tomas Farago

After doing a couple of shoots with Tom I wasnít sure who was going to be able to take his monster cock; then I thought who better than one of our best straight bottoms, naughty Chris like a good fucking and today he gets that and more! He warms up by trying to suck Tomís massive uncut cock and soon realises itís not just its handsome length, but real thick! So after stretching his mouth, Chris gets his hole stretched by Tom warming him up with a toy, quickly followed by a massive 9 inches of uncut thick cock. Chris is soon squealing in a mix of pleasure and pain, though judging by his cock hardness he isnít minding it too much! After a right good fucking just look at the amount of cum he shoots, wow, he gorged himself on Tomís cock!

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