41 Mins

31st Dec 2017 - Young Straight Climbing Ace Jerry Brings his Cousin Henry to Lend a Hand! - Jerry Manson

Jerry starts the shoot by himself, but its not long before Cousin Henry is on the scene and attaching different things to Jerry's cock! Jerry and Henry are getting quite comfortable with each other and Jerry had no problem staying full hard in front of Henry and the lads do some great fun things with ropes and bands and other climbing accessories and Jerry also does a great job at showing his hole while cousin Henry helps with filming the scene. The cum shot is great, Jerry is standing and he squirts and pants very hard and shoots a massive load of cum over the floor! Well done boys!

Tags: wanking, uncut cock, twink, super cum shooter, str8 lad duo, sports wear, self filming, indoor, hairy legs, cheeks spread

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Video stills from the shoot

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