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4th Oct 2018 - Bonus Video of Jon Williams' and Caspar Hamilton's Photo Shoot - Best Mates First Man Fun! - Caspar Hamilton, Jon Williams

It has been quite some time in the making this shoot, I have been trying to convince Caspar for about a year that a nice relaxing massage is a great idea and at last he gave in and let his good friend Jon give him a massage. Jon is a qualified sports masseur and gives Caspar a great body massage, so much so that Caspar has really relaxed. The two lads were not looking forward to hand and cock contact, but Caspar did a great job at letting Jon get on with it and what a great job he did, not only a sports masseur, but clearly a great wanker! All ends in a nice mess on Casper’s abs! Well done boys I hope you may see each other again?!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, str8 lad duo, str8 guy getting massaged, indoor, defined body

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