40 Mins

11th Oct 2018 - Bonus Video of Casey Lee's and Ricky Hampton's Photo Shoot - Straight Lad Cherry Gets Taken! - Ricky Hampton, Casey Lee

These two straight men have worked together a few times and last time Casey fucked Ricky's hole and kept protecting his own cherry. It has taken a long time to get him to give it up and today he does it in style. He doesn’t just let Ricky fuck him, he allows Ricky to assault his cherry and assault it again! Casey gets a dam good fucking and he seems to enjoy and hate the pleasure and pain and getting a cock up his ass that is almost a hint too big! Ricky’s cock is big, long and thick and he enjoys pounding it in and out, in and out and in and out of Casey! The only right response is a bit of cum; though Casey delivers cum, cum, cum and lots more cum! Well done lads, this is why we love straight men!

Tags: video of photo shoot, toned body, str8 guy getting fucked, spanking, indoor, gay sex

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