28 Mins

1st Dec 2018 - Bonus Video of Toni Filip's Photo Shoot - Young, Tall, Toned, Uncut & Straight - 1st Manhandling! - Toni Filip

Toni wasn't sure a man should be touching his cock, so where as his friend Lewis was well up for it Toni was more cautious and as you can see at the start of the shoot he looks a little nervous! Once he has got used to a man touching and wanking his cock he does a great job at letting Ricky wank his cock and more than in most shoots Ricky really goes to town on showing off Toni’s slightly hairy hole. After lots of wanking, none by Toni, he lies back and unloads, the photographer lending a hand for the finale!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, str8 guy getting massaged, indoor, cheeks spread

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