26 Mins

6th Dec 2018 - Bonus Video of Casias Bradley's and Luke McCormick's Photo Shoot - So Much Cum! - Luke McCormick, Casias Bradley

Luke is a tall handsome lean straight lad who we've persuade to mess around with guys a couple of times now, and seems to be settling well into it! Casias is a great looking, tanned muscular lad with a cute grin and easy manner, but not yet been with another lad. We put them together for this shoot, and allowed Casias to lay back and get a slow massage from Luke, first while on his front, showing his pert ass, and then flipping over and showing his massive growing dick - Casias's uncut cock is really long and thick and just needs to be played with! Luke gets that honour and before long has his undies off too. They want furiously and when Casias shoots, he's being walked by Luke and shoots and enormous thick load over himself!

Tags: video of photo shoot, twink, str8 lad duo, str8 guy getting massaged, cheeks spread

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