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26th Jan 2019 - Bonus Video of Martin Aspey's Photo Shoot - Young Athletic Rugby Stud Puts on the Perfect Show! - Martin Aspey

Most young men who play rugby seem to enjoy being naked and Martin is no exception, one of these young men relaxed about showing off his body and once his cock is out he is even more cheeky and confident. Don’t you love young men who play team sports, cardio fit men always have hardest cocks and Martin’s is a prime example of hardness! He is happy to show off his bum, slightly hairy, his hole is surrounded in blond fuzz and he manages to stretch those hamstrings more than most find possible. After lots of teasing and wanking Martin lies back shoots and shoots and shoots, this young stud know how to orgasm! Well done Martin will you let us push your boundaries?!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, uncut cock, str8 lad solo, muscular body, indoor, defined body, cheeks spread

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