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20th Jun 2019 - Bonus Video of Liam's Photo Shoot - Young Straight Footballer's 1st Manhandling & Wanks his 1st Man! - Jack Harper, Liam Cullen

Liam agreed to do the shoot today and get a massage from Jack and as you can see from the photos Liam was very happy to have his boundaries pushed some more! The guys strip each other and before you know Liam’s getting his first manhandling from Jack and Liam doesn’t hesitate when I suggest he wank Jack. So these two straight lads have a great time wanking each other and looking at the nice big cum shots they both seem to have enjoyed themselves! Well done Liam!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, underwear / swimwear posing, twink, toned body, tattoos, straight guy getting wanked, str8 lad duo, smooth body, indoor, defined body, cheeks spread

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