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17th Aug 2019 - Bonus Video of Dane's Photo Shoot - Young Athletic PT Shows his Hairy Body & Squirts Loads! - Dane Spencer

Dane is a young man from Bulgaria and has a very toned body with lots of hair, he is never more happy than when naked and playing with his uncut cock which spends most of the shoot very hard. He shows off his hairy body in a load of positions and gives you plenty of chance to see his hairy hole in plenty of positions. After all this playing he lies back and shoots his load and he cums and cums and cums and cums - one of the biggest load I have recorded! Well done Dane, we love straight men who enjoy themselves this much!

Tags: wanking, video of photo shoot, uncut cock, toned body, tattoos, str8 lad solo, smooth body, muscular body, indoor, defined body, cheeks spread

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