Earn 50% commissions on referred sales and rebills

We administer our affiliate program through CCBill, one of the largest and most reliable credit card processors on the Internet.

How much do I get paid?
When a customer clicks from your site and buys a membership on englishlads, you earn 50% of that sale plus any re-bills and ccbill pays out weekly, so you're paid quickly.

Why should I sign up?
Englishlads will produce High Conversion and High Retention because since the beginning in January 2004 we've worked hard to keep the site distinctive and fresh;

  1. 100% exclusive content with extensive preview area and latest video trailer
  2. Weekly affiliate mailings with promotion photos and video trailers
  3. Massive archive of videos and photos
  4. Many exclusive models and 45% are genuinely str8!
  5. Crisp & sharp video filmed using Sony Pro HD cameras from multiple angles & compressed at 1640 kbps - customers get every video in 6 download options
  6. Two edits of every video; punchy 16 minute & a full length 25-30 minute
  7. Large format (750×1125) photo sets shot by a professional photographer
  8. Updated 3 times a week
  9. Loads of unique member area facilities like; model searches, out-take photos and a "live voting" system

How do I get started?
The affiliate program has been closed to new signups since 2012.

Affiliate traffic arrives on englishlads.com at a unique url, we set a cookie on the individuals pc so they do not see the following three possible distractions:

  1. Secondary Billing notice - Affiliate traffic arrives to a unique affiliate page, we set a cookie on the users computer so they only see ccbill on our join page. Traffic not coming through an affiliate can join our site through either ccbill or epoch.
  2. Newsletters and RSS feeds - Affiliate traffic no longer sees either of these so only non affiliate traffic can sign up for our newsletters or RSS Feeds
Commission amounts are calculated on the net sales amount after CCBill's processing fee has been deducted and after any adjustments for credits and charge-backs have been made. Terms & Conditions apply (click here).

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