Jack Berry

18 yo  5'8"  36"   29"   straight  6" cock
Jack is back from some tropical sun and this young man, just 18 a few months ago he was one model who made me check then check again his passport! He does look young for his age though when you chat to him you get a better idea he has already lived some! He has worked for a couple of years in retail and manages to save his money for holidays; he loves to be able to go away at least 3 times a year to somewhere much hotter than England! This sexy lean lad has a beautifully tanned body, hardly a white bit on his body, just a little less sun has tanned his cute ass… and hole!

Jack Berry is a straight english lad with a 6 inch erect uncut cock and a slim, smooth body. He is 18 years old, 5'8'' tall, and enjoys running.
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