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11th Nov 2009 - Young boy Jack - Just 18 - lean and tanned and willing to be played with! - Jack Berry

Jack is not long turned 18, a keen runner and footballer this young str8 lad loves holidays and is just back from one! As he strips down Jack exposes his deep tanned body, very hairy legs, slightly hairy and lean body. Jack strips down to his boxers, squeezes his cock which his looking pretty hard and lets Jason rub him with oil. Jason rubs it all over Jack’s body, pulls down his boxers a few inches and Jack allows him to rub some oil on his cock, the minute this happens Jason is facing some elevating meat as Jack’s cock grows from semi to a very solid hard on! After Jason wanks Jack for a bit, Jack takes over and shows he is also an experienced wanker! Jack loves showing off his body and lifts his legs to expose his slightly hairy hole… and after lots of cock play lies back, tenses his legs and shoots a nice load on his abs.

Tags: str8 lad solo, oiled up, indoor, hairy legs, cheeks spread

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Photographs from the shoot